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Aaron Zadina


My wife Nicole and I moved to Greensburg in 2010. We have now lived here for over 11 years and grown to a family of 5. I am the Branch Manager at Centera Bank and Nicole is the Kiowa County Health Nurse.

Why True North?

Since moving to Greensburg 11 years ago I have continuously looked for ways to help out and volunteer as needed. When the idea to help with True North was pitched to me I can honestly say I was caught off guard a bit. I had no experience in any type of foster care activities. What I did know is that the town of Greensburg is a great place to raise children and the support systems in place to do so are tremendous. I also know that Greensburg needs jobs and needs new businesses that are set up to succeed. True North has the opportunity to be just what these kids need and just what Greensburg needs and I am very excited to be a part of it.

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