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Jamie Brown

Board Member

I am a lifelong Kiowa County resident, born and raised in Mullinville and graduated from Greensburg High School. I currently live in Mullinville, but am the 3rd generation owner of Brown Auction in Greensburg, a KW county business since 1940. Additionally I have served on the KW county Fire Department for nearly 20 years.

Why True North?

I have no background in the foster care system. I do, however, think I know a great idea when I hear one. I was asked to serve on the board based on my business experience and background. After several conversations and some research I came to realize that not only is this a tremendous project to change the lives of young people, but also carries many positive impacts for our local community and economy! Since that time, my interest and appreciation for the foster system has only grown.

Partner with us and pledge today.

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