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Haviland Town Hall

Haviland, KS is the site for our next True North Town Hall meeting. As the Board and our Executive Director, Brad Lingafelter, walk down this path, it has become evident that the original vision was too small. 😂

True North, Inc has been working on a second project, to support and help drive the original Greensburg project. Haviland was always a vision….. in the future. That future came sooner than we had expected. The right property came up for sale back in January, and Brad and the board have been watching it.

Our idea for the “Gold Standard” has always had, as one of it’s components, the idea that the Kiowa County residents are the right people to help make this vision a reality. The generosity, both in time and resources, is humbling. The understanding shown towards the idea of helping kids has been inspiring.

While the Greensburg project still is coming together, our Haviland project has taken off!!!

Please come to our Town Hall meeting in Haviland. We will talk about the project. Where, why, when, etc. Brad will answer questions and concerns. Come ready to ask questions and have the rumors corrected.

This meeting is Wednesday, September 1st at 7 PM at Thompson Gymnasium. We are looking forward to a great turnout!!

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